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The Cheftain's Rebel by Frances Housden, Book 6 TBR March 5, 2016

This is sadly the last book and in the Chieftain series by best selling and award winning author Scottish author Frances Housden, who resides in New Zealand. I have loved each and every book in this series. I am always sad when it's a last book  in a series that really touched my heart as this one did. I hope Frances continues writing Scottish historical romance, as you can really feel the love she has for her homeland and its history in her beautifully written words. Well everything comes full circle in this story  "The Chieftain's Rebel", it is the story about Rory,  son of  Gavyn Farquhar and Kathryn Comlyn of "Chieftain By Command " book 2, which ironically is one my favorite books in the series. It is also about Ainsel the heroine from the North who is in an abusive marriage where they both meet without being seen. Ms, Housden writes another winner and it  sure didn't disappoint. As The Chieftain Rebel again had me devouring each page with anticipation, pure brilliance! A magnificent finale for an exceptional series that I recommend readers to read all six, yet you can read as stand alone book too. 

Year of our Lord 1109

Rory Farquhar can not stop thinking and dreaming about one specific lass, a lass he does not know the name or face but her could tell by touch and feel. As he made passionate love to her at the gathering the evening before he left Caithness to go back to Dun Bhuird to take up  his duties as eldest son of Chieftain. After a year Rory's decision is made but not without a fight with his father Gavyn who is worried as he hears these lands will be at war with the Irish and Rory who is more then happy to lend his strong arm even is isn't  his fight. Yet Rory feel this was once his mother's lands and feels a sense of duty to do this.

The heroine in this exceptional read is Ainsel Olafsen, who will do anything to protect her infant son Axel, she was once an honored shield maiden and granddaughter of Jarl Olafsen. She married  two faced  man  that she once had so much hope and belief in that turned into a monster and  was abusive during her marriage with severe beatings and rapes. So when she saw him with another woman not even trying hide his infidelity she decided to do the same thing suddenly and out of spite night of the Gathering, but ended up being so much more even though she does not realize it at first. A place her husband had forbid to go to. Another reason why she felt so happy to hear of his death and thankful he didn't see the birth of his so . Ainsel only wishes she could of seen his body burn on the Ness. Yet this was a secret she had never shared with anyone and now she finally was free and only wants to protect her infant son. She also suspected her former husband to be a traitor supplying the Irish with information and turn weak Norseman once considered friends against her Grandfather! Ainsel  truly hates pretending to mourn  a man she truly hated. Now she could not forget about her wonderful night with Rory,  as her husband only knew only rape and violence in the bedroom, where Scottish Rory, a total stranger treated her like something precious. A man she just could not forget. She also finds out her cousin Gilda also pines away for a SCOT names Calder who happens to be Rory's good friend as well. It is pretty obvious from the beginning the true paternity of  Ainsel's infant son Axel, which she hides as she does not want him labeled as a bastard  and  wants her freedom and to live quietly with her son but Rory's return threatens all that exactly a year later if he ever discovers the truth.  Layered with secrets and surprise elements as some things are not what they seem,  you will to have read this magnificent and extraordinary book to find out.

This riveting action packed adventure is filled with murder, mayhem betrayal, brutality, emotion, humiliation,  suspense, mystery, honor, passion and of course love. So many  twists and turns that will keep the readers guessing and the pages turning that readers won't be able to put them  wonderful novel down. Also warning there some really heart tugging emotional scenes so superbly written so have the kleenex  ready which only tells me I am reading a very heartfelt and  extraordinary book.

Also fans of  "The Chieftain" series previous books will enjoy seeing many of our beloved characters in this book,  kind of like a family reunion. Thank you so much Frances Housden as I have absolutely  been dazzled by each and every exceptional book in this series and look forward to your future books. This entire series is on my keeper shelves which I have absolutely loved!

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 1.The Chieftain
2.The Chieftain By Command
3.The Chieftain's Feud
4.The Chieftain in the Making
5.The Chieftain's Daughter
6.The Chieftain's Rebel - TBR March 5th 2016

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