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Highland Hellion by BJ Scott release date is 3/30/2016 5 Kilts

Highland Hellion is  by B.J. Scott latest release in a brand new series and the first book in the  Blades of Honor. Series.  For fans of the Fraser brother trilogy you will be happy that all the brother Connor, Alastair and Bryce and their families will also have a big part in this book. It is always fun to hear from old friends..

Scottish Highlands, 1316

Allegiance's  change after Battle of Bannockburn Robert the Bruce claims the throne and made the Scot's who did not support him and tearing and a civil war occurred  worse then with England. As Brother fought against brother, cousin against cousin  as Scot's were fighting Scots's. Also it was horrible time for those who didn't support the winning King in this case Robert the Bruce. As many were cast out of their homes and castles and lands forcing the Scot's to living in the hills on barren lands where nothing  would survive or grow. On top of that these people were not allowed to hunt. Scot's living in these horrid conditions did what they had to survive and that was to raid as what choice did they really have as you have to eat to survive. As this was the case with the heroine of the story Ayra MacEachan and for a woman to be caught stealing  the punishment was a serve lashing and death by drowning without even a trial as Lords of this castles were the law on itself. As these were difficult frightening  times for both the men and women of Scotland.

Ayra MacEachan is the heroine who father taught her manly pursuits like hunting , weaponry and to straddle,a horse. Which many may think unusual she being a lass. At a sad turn of event her father is  struck down in battle as it is a difficult time in Scotland . After The Bruce's victory in her clan is cast out of their castle and land and forced to live in the barren hill. Then the hero of this story Garrett MacDougall the leader of his displayed is tricked by a traitor to steal from the new Lord of Agryll, who is actually living in  Ayra's families former Castle and land. Ayra is worried about her dying mother and but is very a strong willed woman who  dresses like a man or take no for an answer from men and can wield a sword and throw a dagger better then many men.

Garret who is the hero of this book very much in love and wants to be with her forever if only she would accept him.  As he adores this headstrong independent lass plus he made a promise to Ayra's mother that he wouldn't bring her on anymore raids. Of course without much convincing and a few threats from Arya he brings her along but things go bad as they were tricked by a traitor and  many of his men are killed and Arya is set to be flogged and executed by drowning without a trial by this new Lord of Agryll!

Then lifelong secret is revealed from Arya's mother  and Garrett is force to received a plan to hopefully rescue the woman he loves from their worse enemy the Fraser brothers which is very difficult to accept.

Will they be able to rescuers Arya in time ? What is this secret that Arya's mother has been holding? Will Garrett's dream to marry Arya ever come true and will ever ever accept him being so strong willed? You will have to read this marvelous book to find out.

I really enjoy Highland Hellion and recommend it as it was another face paced adventure that you really feel for this  exiled clan who are living under such horrid conditions during such turbulent times

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