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Highland Storm by Tanya Anne Crosby Book 3 Guardians of the Stone TBR 3/31/2016 5 Kilts

New York Times and USA Today best selling Tanya Anne Crosby, this s book three and finale of the Guardians of the Stones trilogy. Feuding Kings, ancients secrets,Scottish folklore, and star crossed lovers you will root and see if they can accomplish a happily ever after. Highland Storm is this and more!

It is another mind blowing masterpiece in my opinion as I have been an enormous fan since 1992, so for 23 years I have been reading Ms. Cosby's book and loving each and every one! I am an avid reader, but I feel such a strong connection to Ms.Cosby's characters and plots like I am interconnected to the wonderful tales especially the Mackinnon's and dún Scoti clans!

Again,Tanya pens another spectacular story, weaving with that golden pen of her's, in her signature style of lush story telling and brilliant writing that will leave readers utterly satisfied yet breathless! One of 2016's best books of the year in my opinion. If you are like me interested in Scottish lore and factual Scottish history layered with an esqusite fictional tale,that will leave you spellbound enchanted and mesmerised then you do not want to miss Highland Storm!

Sadly this is the finale as I have enjoyed this series this immensely and hate to see it end. You can read these novels as a stand alone book too, but I recommend the entire trilogy definitely more fun that way!

Dubhtolargg 1135

In this book the hero is Keane Dún Scotti, younger brother of The Dún Scoti Chieftain, Aidan, (Highland Fire, book 1) decides to find his path and make his own destiny. He knows it won't be here, the place he grew up and the one of the last clans of the old ways that keeps to themselves and stay out of Scottish politics as some consider them pechts. Keane decides to leave the vale five years prior to make his own path in life. Of course Una always knows, the old magic women and eldest living guardian of the stone, who was mother, grandmother, healer, seer and elder to all of the dún Scoti clan. She knew he was meant for another destiny and he would never find it here in the vale, though Keane knew his brother Aidan, the Laird who never liked change would be furious especially since their sister Lael had recently done the same thing and knew Aiden would feel abandoned, but a mon has to make his own path. Plus his sister was about the spit out anther babe and thought he could be useful to her so another wolf of Pechtland leaves the vale to make his own destiny in life. As the future and following ones own path is wondrous thing though Keane didn't know it yet, a few surprises too and this is how he meets the heroine of this story Lianae the Maid, Princess of Moray, of another old and ancient clan.

Lianae  of Moray, princess of Moray,  also one of the last clans that follows the old ways. Now her sister Elspeth was just murdered by her new husband she wasnearly raped her by her sisters new husband and next to her sisters corpse!  Lianoe's  brother only talked the monster Earl out of raping her but was allowing the marriage for a political allowance and financial gain which made her sick! Well this Princess of Moray was not going to marry this evil monster no matter what his title and her own brother would not help her! So she does what any woman fearing for her life would do and makes a run for it! She is very clever in her escape and goes to a place men fear as many in Scotland still fear the supernatural, fairies and brownies and such so in her wedding gown or her dead sisters wedding gown she escapes! This is how she first meets a woad covered Keane dùn Scoti - though she meets his arrow first!

A lot miscommunication and not exactly honest and open, but it is fun to watch Keane and Lianae as you see how protective Keane is of her and how he has to make difficult choices. Linae just feeds him half truths about her true identity, but his ragtag group of men in King David's colors cause her not to trust. As she blames King David for so much of her heartache and misery just as she and Keane start to get close and open their hearts someone abducts her to returns her to King David who had ordered the marriage to her sisters murderer!  Lianae will do anything to protect herself and Keane will do anything to rescue her in the safety of is arms, but faces the worst type of shock and betrayal that could cost Keane his life!

Highland storm is another phenomenal, quick paced page turning, riveting adventure with likeable character's that pour off the pages and right into your heart! It is filled with mystery suspense, murder, death, betrayal, forced alliances, heartbreak, romance and of course love. Lots turbulence on this ride, with so many twists and turns with a dash of ups and down on this ride, that you better hold on tight! Plus, it is as if you are reading more then one story with delicious conflicts and action in the plots and the dialogue is absolute perfection! It is an extremely powerful as well as emotional read so get those tissues ready as you shall need them, but to me if I get that emotionally involved in a story I know it's a  exceptional and magnificent read!

As always another superbly written Tanya Anne Crosby novel that is always a delight to read! I can't recommend it enough! I absolutely loved this one!

Guardians of the Stone Series

1. Highland Fire - Aiden
2. Highland Steel - Lael
3. Highland Storm - Keene * TBR 3/31/2016

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