Monday, June 8, 2015

Book review An Oath Broken by Diana Cosby will be released 6/23/2015
My first Net Galley Review ever...awesome read highly recommend :)

Diana Cosby is one of those rare author whose books stay with you long after you have read it and still remains clearly in your head and heart. This book was exactly that another page turning phenomenal book to be sure, this is the second book in Diana Cosby's Oath Trilogy.

In this book Lady Sarra Bellacote is being forced to marry her worst enemy in the world a dirty, filthy Scot! The ones she blames for murdering her parents  and now she is being forced to marry one of them! The last thing in the world she wants, plus she feels she is being forced into this farce of marriage for political advantages which she is totally against too beside marrying s disgusting Scot
for her desired wealth. So it is just her luck that the Knight hired to force her against her will is another nasty Scot that is too handsome for his own good  and possibly her own good too! Plus there are other against this marriage except the only problem is they seem to want Lady Sarra dead!

A Knight in disguise? As for the Knight dragging Lady Sarra is actually the Earl of Terrick, Giric Armstrong who is not happy with his assignment but is doing it for his people to keep food in their bellies and a roof over their heads as his castle is need of repair as well plus the generous amount is being paid but soon he wonders if it is all worth it. As it seems others much like the bride to be herself are not happy about the marriage and will do just about another thing to prevent it even murder! What Giric didn't expect was this lady to get under his skin as he is falling for a women who is expected to marry another man if she can live that long!

What an amazing thrill ride of a book with so much action and adventure and of course love and romance. I just couldn't put this book down absolutely loved it. The sparks between this couple are so intense you can feel their deep chemistry. I have been reading Diana Cosby since her debut and have loved every single book release her sa very gifted and talented author.  I highly recommend an Oath broken I would recommend you read in series order but you can read as a stand alone book as well too.  I am looking forward to the conclusion of  the Oath trilogy with An Oath Sworn the next release by Ms. Cosby.

The Oath Trilogy Series by Diana Cosby

1. An Oath Taken - Available now

2. An Oath Broken - 6/23/2015 release date

3. An Oath Sworn -  12/23/2015 release date

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This was a Net Galley review for my honest opinion which I gave gladly :)