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The Highland Commander by Amy Jarecki. Lords of the Highlands, Book #2. 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb says " It is absolutely exhilarating!!!

Book: .The Highland Commander
By Amy Jarecki

Series: Lords of the Highlands,  Book #2

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)

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Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5 Stars/5 Kilts

Stonehaven, Scotland
December, 1707

This book is about Aiden Murray the second son of an Earl. He decided to make a life for himself since he was not an heir. So he joined the Scottish Naval . This is how he meets the heroine of the story Magdalen “Maddie” Keith. Maddie was born illegitimate, the  child of an Earl. Sadly, when her father has decided to marry his new wife no longer wanted Maddie in site. As his new wife the countess Lady Mary, would not let her in as part of the family since she was sixteen. Therefore she was raised with the ladies maid. Her father was Jacobite supporter, William Keith, Earl Marischal of Scotland.

So Maddie decided to do something valuable with her life a. Proving her worth to society not the nobility! She did have a title Lady Magdalen Keith she didn't feel like an aristocrat or even a Lady for that matter. She worked at a hospital caring for abused women. The Scottish women suffered at the hands of the English. As they were manly rape victims.

Maddie is rarely allowed to attend fancy functions, but since her father is hosting it she is allowed to attend. She can feel her father's guilt not being able to spend more time together. Though this is not her scene she would rather be strumming her harp or assisting the abused women at the hospital.

Since it's a masquerade and no one will be the wiser of who she is. Her father  encourages her to  and dance he heart out and No One will be the wiser with a masque on. This is where she meets Aiden Murray for the first time. She won't see Aiden for another year. This time, a year later she is in dire straits. Even her father's wife who detests her asks for Maddie’s help. Of course Maddie being the good hearted soul that she is will do what she can to rescue her Jacobite father. Before Queen Ann can give him a death sentence where he'll be hanging from the gibbet!

The attraction only grows between these two and their innocence is just enchanting. As both are virgins so the passion scenes are absolutely heart-pulling.

Again you can feel Ms. Jarecki love of Scotland, as she weaves my favorite combination of true history into her fictional romance. Her research as well as her imagination and own spin is phenomenal! You can read as a stand alone book or in series order. This is the second book in  series “Lords of the Highlands”,  I absolutely loved “The Highland Commander”!  It has all the elements Scottish historical readers love. From riveting pirate sword fights, political battles, betrayal, imprisonment, swoon worthy heroes making the heroine swoon, love, true factual history, and so much more!

I have been reading Ms. Jarecki novels for years as an independent author. Now so happy Forever, Grand Central Publishing has recognized Amy’s gifts and talent. I look forward to more factual history, weaved with her spin on a fictional romance.

“Lords of the Highlands” Series by Amy Jarecki

1)The Highland Duke
2)The Highland Commander

Disclaimer: I was given this advance readers copy from the publisher through netgalley, for an honest and fair review. I voluntarily accepted as all words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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