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Highland Redemption by Ceci Giltenan. The Duncurra Legacy, Book #1, 5 Kilts. Celtic Barb says, this one melted her heart!

Book: Highland Redemption
by Ceci Giltenan

Series: The  Duncurra
Legacy, Book One

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
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Heat Rating:  Hot
Overall Rating: 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Back story: In Ceci Giltenan’s debut book “Highland Solution” :  19 years earlier Katherine “Kate” Ruthven,was nearly beaten (whipped)  to death trying to protect seven year old Tomas.  Then her wicked Uncle Ambrose forces a marriage on her-to a highlander, far away from the land and clan she loves. Kate is forced to marry Highland Laird, Niall MacIan. This was basically so her Uncle Ambrose can steal lairdship and lands, in order to marry the woman he loves. Niall and Kate do end up falling in love and adopting seven year old Tomas as their son. The past nineteen years luckily have been blissful!

Tomas MacIan is the hero of this story, adopted son of Katherine “Kate” Ruthven-MacIan and Laird Niall MacIan. Davida (Vida) Ruthven is the heroine of the story. However her father happens to be the ruthless greedy villain, Laird Ambrose Ruthven
Scotland. October 1378.
19 years later…

Tomas MacIan, his friends and allies from other clans-had just been to Edinburgh to deliver their taxes to the Crown. This is why  they have so many warriors. If attacked by highwaymen, they have enough seasoned warriors to defend themselves. Plus it was a seven day ride from Duncurra. This time Tomas was officially representing his Clan since his father Niall was not joining them this time.
Clan’s Carr and MacLennan also rode with them, eighteen experienced veteran warriors.

Now relieved they were on their way home without the burden of carrying gold anymore.  Yet they spotted a coach in trouble, being waylaid by highwaymen! They also  see the men defending the Lord and his lady fighting do not have any of their skills!   As they were outnumbered, so they did what any honorable warriors would do!  They lent a hand to rescue these people. Especially when they saw a lass being carried away! Then as the lass fought the assailment she was assaulted! Tomas was furious, after all Tomas and his mother went through at Ruthvens hands!  He just couldn't abide any lass being struck ever!

Then he was shocked realizing he just saved his enemy's daughter! Of coursed Tomas was unrecognizable being a twenty-six year old seasoned warrior, not a seven year old child. He lied about his age and name calling himself Tomas McHenry as he  was shocked when asked to help train at Cotharach.

At first he was ready to just refuse!  He hoped they would be attacked and ruined. As they explained how other clans were seeing them as weak and stealing their livestock off their lands,
. Of course after getting his friends approval and telling them the truthful story plus his beautiful daughter asked he couldn't refuse. So he thought this was the perfect revenge! So many ideas went through his mind, from training their men inadequately, to seducing his daughter and abducting her to the Highlands!

Will he get the verge that has been festering for years? This is the perfect opportunity!  However, he knows his mother would never approve of these underhanded tactics,  that would hurt the clan she loved. Plus it's his clan too!

As Tomas gets to know Vida he sees how similar in personality she is with his mother. He knows Kate would love her, yet he is shocked to learn how Vida thinks her cousin Katherine is dead!

Vida Ruthven is the only one who can mellow her father and keep his bad temper in check. He is a different man than he was,  but it is she keeping the clan a float, making sure all her people are cared far. The only area she didn't observe was the warriors, thinking her father was on top of that. Obviously this was another area he neglected again!  Again Vida was embarrassed and humiliated of  how badly their warriors were in need of training! As they  fought leaving them unprotected! If these Highlander's hadn't showed up god knows what would have happened to them! So she was very appreciative they accepted her father's offers. She saw her father thought the handsome Tomas was also enamored, as if he walked on water. Vida couldn't hide her attraction to the handsome guard herself. Then she comes up with the idea for Tomas to stay and train their men so they will not be so  vulnerable to other enemy clans to attack them. Of course she made it look as if it were her father’s idea, as she was very clever the way she maneuvered her father this way.

During this time Tomas still see’s Ambrose greed still knows no end, from gambling money he doesn't have and using his daughter as a pawn for a loan.

Tomas see’s this beautiful lass is the heart and soul of Cotharach! He also see’s how intelligent, kind and resourceful Vida is! So shall he ruin her and steal her away to the highlands?  Shall he make an honest woman out of her? As the attraction grows and is mutual  now both are falling deeply in love. Will Tomas come clean and admit his deception? Will Vida forgive him or feel the ultimate betrayal? Will these star crossed lovers end in heartbreak or forgiveness? You will have to read this captivating novel that is absolutely brilliant  to find out!  

Another exhilarating Ceci Giltenan read that simply blew me away!  This one has a very special place in my  heart. As I discovered this special author when she had just released her debut  Highland Solution. I  Have read every single novel since. I love that this is that seven year old boy’s story all grown up!

A beautiful written story fans of Scottish historical romance will absolutely love. I loved some familiar characters made appearances again. Kind of like a family reunion in a sense, that will make Giltenan reader’s heart melt. Plus all the elements romance readers love from riveting adventures,  mystery, mischief, mayhem  betrayal,  clan robbery, steamy passion, all consuming love and more!

This is definitely a story you don't want to miss! I highly recommend Highland Redemption by Ceci Giltenan.

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Disclaimer: I was gifted this advance readers copy for an honest review. I voluntarily accepted as all words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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