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Book: “A Highlander's Christmas Kiss” , by Paula Quinn (The MacGregor’s: Highland Heirs series, #5)

TBR: 9/27/2016

Reviewed By: Barb M.

Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

What is better than reading a Scottish highlander Christmas romance, by the extraordinary talent of bestselling author Paula Quinn! Definitely will get you in the holiday spirit!

I have been reading Ms. Quinn's exquisite stories since her debut. Believe me you can't help but get swept away in her riveting adventures, passionate romances whose characters take a chance on love and bask in the afterglow!

In this book and if you are following her wonderful The MacGregor’s: Highland Heirs series, this is book #5. It is centered on “The Taming of Malcolm Grant” book #4  brother Cailean. You can read as stand alone or in book order. I prefer book order as I love connecting the dots to the MacGregor/Grant family members!

Cailean Grant has a couple soul wrenching  deaths that tears his heart out!  He no longer wants to feel all this pain and grief or even care anymore! He can't take it if another person he loves dies! So he leaves his loving family at Camlochlin, and becomes one of Lord Edward Murdoch’s of Glen Lyon, Black Riders. A mercenary group that covers their faces with scarves so they won't be recognized. Black Riders are killers for hire basically, mercenaries that terrorize, kidnap, intimidate and assassinate for Lord Murdoch to keep the people fearful and in line and will accommodate his will.   As Cailean no longer wants to feel, so he joins this group of ruthless killers for hire. His cousin Patrick MacGregor, follows him trying to convince him to return home to Camlochlin. To his family and friends that  love him and to leave this empty dishonorable life!

Then someone attacks his cousin thinking he is a Black Rider and Patrick is near death. All Caelin see’s is revenge! A man is killed, because evil  Duncan Murdoch told him  the people of a tiny hamlet, called Linavar, hate the Black Riders!

 Then Cailean feels the guilt,  pain and suffering he brought to others. He finally realized this is not the life for him, but is he too late?  He goes back to apologize and confess his part in their leaders murder. Not that he believes the will forgive him but something he feels he must do. Someone stabs him in the back and leaves him for dead in a cabbage patch. Cailean is found by the daughter, Temperance Menzie of the deceased leader. As he is not recognized without the attire and scarf covering of a Black Rider, as he only looks like a kilted highlander stranger . Temperance brings him back to the house to nurse him to health. Not realizing she has the enemy in her bed!

Temperance Mensie is destroyed when her father, Seth is murdered by the Black Riders. She swears she will kill all involved even if she dies in the process. She now has to marry her best friend William Defoe her childhood friend,  but a man she doesn't love. William will be the new leader and she now needs protection! She wants passion and loves William as a brother, yet her father arranged this for her protection. As William will be the leader now. As the evil and brutal Duncan Murdoch is obsessed with Temperance, has been turned down for her hand many times.and she needs to be protected. He will do anything to possess her, a man she despises. She vows to kill all the men involved in murdering her father as she wants revenge!

She knows she is falling in love Cailean Grant, as she chips away at his frozen heart and gives him back his life. He knows he should tell her the truth that he's the reason her father is dead. Yet she seems to have a power over him to chase all his demons away! As he knows he is falling in love with her too!  He knows he should tell her the truth, but he also know’s she will despise and hate him. It's not even just her, it is all the people of the Hamlet. From her Gram and her cat Tamlin have warmed  their way into his frozen cold heart. Yet he lives with the guilt each day knowing  what he had set in motion!

Yet the truth has a way of showing up and what will this poor girl do. A lass who lost a mother at birth, father killed murdered because of the order, by the man she loves.  Will she forget and forgive? Or have her revenge and kill all the ones responsible for her father's death?  Does Cailean have a chance at love or will his heart be shattered, with Temperance’s hatred and revenge! Will love heal the human heart or is it a lifetime of bitterness, revenge and heartache?

 Yet it's Christmas and perhaps a time for miracles? A time for forgiveness, new beginnings, faith, joy and love? You will have read and find out if love really does heal all wounds.

“A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss” by Paula Quinn-had me devouring each page with breathtaking anticipation! A twisting and turning maze of non-stop-action, adventure, drama, emotion, romance and love!

It is a beautiful Christmas story that will definitely melt your heart! Filled with fast paced plots, gorgeous settings, magnificent dialogue and furbabies you will adore!

Another beautifully written story from start to finish, and definitely an emotional heartstring puller! I was tearing up so much that I simply could not put it down! I absolutely and unequivocally loved “A Highlander's Christmas Kiss” by the multi talented Paula Quinn. One of my top favorite authors on the planet!

Problem is after I read a Paula Quinn book I always want more!

I was given this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley

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