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Book- “Forbidden Legacy” by Diana Cosby
(The Forbidden Series, Book 1)

Reviewed By - Barb Massabrook ( Tartan Book Reviews and Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog)

Release date - August 16, 2016

Heat Rating - mild

Rating - 5/5 Stars

This the first book in Diana Cosby's sensational new (The Forbidden series) and will be released August 16th. This novel is about a marriage neither wants, a revenge both want for similar reasons,  but with shocking results!

Scotland, September 1307

 A Scottish Woman Lady Katherine Cailbraith is forced to watch her entire family being brutally murdered by the English. They try to force her hand which she refuses to marry the evil English Earl who forced her to watch as he  murdered her family. Unknown to them there are many secret passageways in Avalon Castle the English overtook and Katherine's birthright and home. She was taken prisoner to the dungeon after refusing to marry the English murdering Earl! Unknown to the English, there is a secret passageway in the dungeon which aides Katherine's escape! She escapes to her Godfathers Home asking for help. Her Godfather just happens to be Scotland's King, Robert the Bruce. Just shocked as what his suggestion is!

At the same time the Templar Knight Sir Stephan MacQuistan also needs help after the forced disbanded Templar KnightS. The evil French King stirred lies and rumors charging the Knights with heresy and wanting their riches for his kingdom’s wealth and selfish needs. Who doesn't believe a royal King? So the few escaped with their lives and were advised to forget their previous vows and start a new life. Their first priority it to to safeguard and hide the Templars fortune, for this they needed help from an ally. The ally is King Robert, the Bruce of Scotland. Stephan is not happy with the suggestion to marry the daughter of the man who had slaughtered his family as a lad. Of course he loves the idea of possessing his family's home again. He wants revenge though he knows Katherine is blameless for her sires evil deeds. He would never harm or hurt the lass for her father's misdeeds as Stephan has been brought up by the Templars to be a fair, good and honest man.

Katherine had tragedy happen in her teenage years that has scarred her deeply and has no trust of men. She reveals this to no one - only the ones present at the time know of this misery. Stephan vowing celibacy as a Templar monk, has no intimate experience of women, but he isn't dead and is immediately attracted to Katherine's beauty, intelligence and kindness. He was shocked by King Robert’s demand of an immediate marriage and protection of his precious Goddaughter. Stephan agrees knowing he will now be training and on missions for the Bruce. Plus his revenge is sweet to be master of his murdered family's home, but he never plans on revealing the truth to his wife about her muderous father. Feeling it would cause Katherine more hurt and devastation, yet wouldn't abandonment?  It makes one wonder about his complicated thought process.

Stephan figures he can set her aside, be married in name only, as they plan to go to war and take Avalon Castle back.  He is surprised that she is easily agreed to no intimacy for the wedding night and for the time being. He is shocked that this wisp of a girl basically blackmailed their King and has to accompany them and only then will she share the secrets and hidden passageways to Avalon Castle. Something Stephan is furious about!

His men earn Katherine's respect immediately and see’s this as a good match for their brother and leader. Then to find her an expert with a sword enhances her even more,  each Knight willing to teach her more sword tactics in lessons.  Stephan see's this as a hindrance, but sooner or later his eyes begin to open just as other problems pile up for this couple. Katherine see's Stephan as a handsome good man and worries he will turn to another when he finds out she can't be touched by another man ever! Stephan is not aware of her assault as a teenager. What future can these two possibly have? The attraction becomes apparent, but is that enough? Secrets always seem to reveal themselves in one way or another eventually. Shocking ending.

This book was absolutely riveting  adventure filled with secrecy, mayhem, brutality, betrayal, trust, faith, hope and love. It has so many twists and turns and more than one shocking surprise. Superbly written, brilliant plotting, setting  and dialogue! I can hardly wait for book #2 in this spectacular  “The Forbidden Series!”  Ms. Cosby definitely has the magic touch of drawing the reader in, keeping them fascinated with anticipation wondering what could possibly happen next!

I loved, loved, loved this novel and highly recommend it! It is one readers surely don't want to miss! A total masterpiece in my opinion.

**I was given this arc by the publisher for an honest review through**.

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  1. Barb,
    My deepest thanks for your kind comments and tremendous review. I loved writing Forbidden Legacy, and I'm humbled that you enjoyed Stephan and Katherine's story as well.

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.