Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York just released! Celtic Barb absolutley loved it! 5 Kilts!

Magnificent! Incredible! Remarkable! Brilliant! Sabrina Scot does it again with another breath taking,  rare, can't put this book down kind of read! Another masterpiece in my opinion! This is the second book in Ms. York's wonderful, "Untamed Highlanders" best selling series and as in the first book of this Untamed Highlanders series, Hannah and the Highlander.  Susana and the Scot, # 2 is the story about  the heroine, Susana Dounreay, who is Hannah's  sister.  We met the hero of this story in the first book too, Andrew Lochlannach, who is Hannah's husband Alexander's younger  brother.  As readers will see Andrew is a bit of a scoundrel and rogue, at least that's what he seems to want people to think though inside he has had been in mourning and broken hearted.  This is also a second chance romance as Susana is Mairi, who is the love of Andrews life, but thinks is deceased and doesn't seem to recognize her though he sees the similarities in appearances. So many unanswered questions that you must read this amazing and spectacular book to find the answers!

July 1813
Caithness Shire, Scotland

It starts of when Andrew is caught trying to seduce Hannah's sister Lana, due to a bet with his best friend Hammish's 100 kiss bet. His brother Alexander Lochlannach, the Laird of Dunnet, then exiles him as Hannah, Lana and Susana's Laird father has been nearly murdered through poisoning  by people who they  had trusted and welcomed and employed for the  Dounreay family. A traitor or a spy planted in the safety of their family home and lands is so disheartening as well frightening, now Susanna trusts meanly no one and has her guard up every second of the day.  Now thieves are raiding and trying to destroy thier lands so Andrew and his men are sent to keep the people, livestock and lands safe. This is when he first spots  the archer lad that he soon finds out is Susana, but feels something familiar about her though he can't exactly figure out why. He sees the similarities between his past love Mairi but sees the differences too. Still he can't pinpoint exactly shy see seems so familiar to him.

Andrew hasn't felt any stirrings towards a woman in over six year since the love of his life Mairi died until Susana  and is determined to have her. Susana is furious the the man she once loved  that doesn't even remember her! She is determined to get this rogue off her lands! Nor does she want him to get glimpse of her daughter, cough she did give birth nine after meeting him... just a wee hint who the father might be! Plus until now she had not realized her new brother-in-law is the brother of Andrew! Susana who convinced Hannah to marry Alexander feels more then a little guilty over this as she hasn't seen her sister since the wedding. Has she realized they were brothers she never would of done that and does not realize Hannah is happy and very much in love with Alexander.

The daughter Isobel is a definite scene stealer in this book! Funny everyone can see who she looks like except the father himself which I found hilarious! You can feel the emotions of these two main characters right from the start and so much misunderstanding too but all in all it made this an exceptional fun read. Again fast moving plots full of adventure, mystery, mayhem, abduction, deceit, betrayal, and of course romance set in a beautiful Scottish highland setting! Another Sabrina York book I simply could not put down I can't wait for Lana's story which will be the next book in this spectacular series that I have totally  enjoyed immensely.  I highly recommend you read Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York it is definitely one you don't want to miss, you can read this as a stand alone or in book order which is the readers choice. I recommend you read them both just because they are both fabulous and fun brilliant!

Another brilliant blew me away  read by the best selling multi talented author Sabrina York who is so gifted and so glad she is writing Scottish Historical's now! I sure hope she continues writing these fabulous Scottish historical romance stories  stays with this this genre for a long long time! Absolutely look forward to more books by the sensational Sabrina York!

I was given this ARC by  the publisher St. Martin's Press through in exchange for an honest review and appreciate the opportunity. You can find my Reviews at and my blog my book group Tartan Book Reviews on facebook, Purple Tulip Book Reviews book page on Facebook, plus Goodreads, Amazon and all the normal book online bookstore reviews places online.


1.Hannah and Her Highlander - Hannah and Alexander

2. Susana and the Scot - Susana and Andrew

3. Lana and the Laird - Lana and Lachlan TBR 5/31/2016


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review!!!!

    1. So glad you liked it Sabrina! Well I loved it can't wait for Lana and the Laird next!

  2. Great review Barb. I have this on my TBR list. I think I am going to have to move it to the top!!!

  3. Yes you will love it Debbie! I know I did!