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An Oath Sworn by Diana Cosby release date 12/22/2015 5 kilts

This is the third book in the Oath trilogy by Diana Cosby which I have read and loved each and everyone and this  An Oath Sworn was no different. Another riveting fast paced read, lined with adventure, murder, mystery, abduction, deceit, betrayal and romance that sizzles.

Scotland 1299

Lady Marie Alesia Serouge escapes who had been kidnapped by the evil and corrupt English Duke Renard in Scotland. Marie is the French King Philip's bastard daughter. King Phillip supporting Scotland as the English want it to look as rebel Scots did it to get King Phillips and France to no longer support Scotland. On her escape she sees a man had been shot by the arrow and also pursued by the same English men. As Marie is also a healer so it's in her nature to help the injured, the man is non other then Colyne MacKerran, Earl of Strathcliff as readers of this series will remember from An Oath Taken as his heart was broken when Elizabet chose Nicolas as her husband instead of him.

They both have secret and ironically they don't realize how they both involve each other. As due to being a daughter of the King Marie is fearful and gives her middle name so Colyne has no idea who Marie really is. As the English are trying to make it look to make at as the Scot's are doing all these evil deeds and bloodshed when it is the English doing it. Colyne had a letter from Robert the Bruce explaining this for King Phillip, he believes Marie is a mercenary names Alesia. Marie is tired of men only want her for financial gains, titles and lands due to her stations. Colyne is the first man to care for her for herself although the she is an independent beautiful woman. Colyne does not share his knowledge with Marie either plus he ironically  has men looking for King Phillip's abducted daughter.

Also as things get heated Colyne does not realize that Marie also has a betrothed but things are not what they seem to be and there is a traitor amongst King Phillip's trusted close circle. Marie has a lot of reasons to keep the truth from Colyne but one is to save his life as she know her father with never except him as a suitor.

Lots of plots within plots in the this marvelous fast moving tale with lots of twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Will poor Colyne just have his heart ripped apart and broken again?  Will sad Marie have to accept a political loveless marriage as many nobles do?  You will have to read and found out in this phenomenal story. I absolutely loved this captivating story and  a lot of heart wrenching moments for this couple. I highly recommend this action packed, breath taking, spectacular read!  It actually makes me sad that this is the last book in An Oath trilogy which I have absolutely love them all. Highly recommend an Oath Sworn you won't be able to put it down! It is that amazing!

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You can read An Oath Sworn as a stand alone or in series order.

An Oath Trilogy by Diana Cosby

1. An Oath Taken
2. An Oath Broken
3. An Oath Sworn

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