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Highland Hellion by Mary Wine. Highland Weddings, Book #3. Five Kilts. Celtic Barb absolutely loves this series!

Book: Highland Hellion
By Mary Wine

Series:Highland Weddings, Book 3

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of
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2.Tartan Book Reviews
3.Purple Tulip Book Reviews

Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5 Kilts


In this novel it is about the heroine Katherine Carew and honorable hero Rolfe MacTavish. He is the heir to a Highland Laird who hates the English. They meet hilariously too on a cattle stealing mission per say!  Katherine is illegitimate and English born, but loves manly pursuits. For example: like wielding a sword, archery, riding horses, wearing kilts and her tomboyish hellion ways.With no family, reputation,and dressing in the disguise of a lad = total  freedom in Katherine’s world. Plus Katherine was kidnapped at the tender age of Fourteen. As she was offered to Marcus in Book 2 as a wife, who is the Macpherson War Chief.  Instead he saw the danger this child was in, so he secretly brought her to Scotland. As her English step-mother was jealous of her, plus she was kidnapped for her dowry since her father was a wealthy English Earl. She was saved from this situation and raised by a kind,caring,and good hearted Scottish family. The man who was supposed to be her husband is more of a big brothet Now she has become a total hellion. Will Rolfe MacTavish try to change her independent and tomboyish ways?

Ha! Rolfe does not know what he is in for!  As Kate may not have been born in Scotland but she is a Scottish lass in every way that counts! One spunky lass and will never surrender her independent ways. The MacPherson War Chief,  Marcus taught her to fight just like his men. So she enjoys freedom and manly pursuits,l more than the pursuits of Highland women.Running a home or needle point is not her thing at this time.

Even though she does some amazing deeds there are some that will never approve of her English blood. Mainly Rolfe’s father even after she had been abducted once again, to save Rolfe from harm. His father wants no English under his roof! Plus there are dangerous enemy clans like the Gordon’s who are always sneaky and treacherous and always up to no good with their evil deeds! Laird Column Gordon wants revenge and MacPherson blood for the  death his son R Lye Rob! Yet Bhaic MacPherson killed him for good reason- wife stealin  how can Rolfe save Kate   and Kate stay together with so much danger in Scotland especially for an English Lass. Beside many oppose to a union between these two Mainly his father. Will this star crossed together deny their true happiness or ignore everyone else and find true love?

Highland Weddings:
Highland Spitfire (Book 1)
Highland Vixen (Book 2)
Highland Hellion (Book 3)
Highland Flame (Book 4) *** TBR 9/5/2017

This is the third book on the Highland Weddings series which I have read each in consecutive order. I think it is more fun as I enjoy connecting the character  dots. For example the heroine of this book was first introduced in “Highland Vixen”, Book two. Of course readers can read this book as a stand alone book too.

I have been reading Mary Wine books for many years and she never disappoints me. She is gifted in her unique storytelling signature  style. Another novel with a  breathtaking Alba setting, and spectacular dialogue with fabulous character development. In additionquick paced action packed plots within plots!  This always makes you wonder what could possibly happen next? Plus it has all the elements Scottish historical romance readers love!  I highly recommend this book plus the entire Highland Wedding Series! It is an exhilarating read from start to finish!

I can't wait for “Highland Flame” book #4, the story of Diocail Gordon and widow Jane Staffordshire.

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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