Sunday, January 8, 2017


My Highland Rebel by Amanda Forester


  1. My Highland Rebel by Amanda Forester

  2. My Rebel Highlander (Highland Adventure Book 6) - Amazon.comThe Rebel Highlander by Amanda Forester
    Book Review: by Barb Massabrook blogger and book reviewer
    Heat Rating: hot
    Overall Rating:5 stars

    Highlands, 1362
    In this story it is about the youngest family member of of Lady Jyne Campbell and Cormac MacLean. Amanda Forester: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks ...In this book, Lady Jyne Campbell was always considered the runt of the litter as she was always sickly and weak. The thing is the rest of the Campbell's were men were that were tall, brave and very formidable force. The Campbell women were statuesque brave and bold, all but Jyne. As Jyne was the frail, who was born too soon in childhood.

    Cormac MacLean is a man who want to break away from his evil , brutal war lord father. He who considers Cormack weak and unimportant. Then one day unknown to her he saves a lass in distress from drowning in a murky bog. Jyne goes to visit her dower lands and finds out she is now in charge of a lost McNab clan. Due to this clans dire situation they open to her with open arms, until they find out they have more problems!

    As the horrendous, warlord, Red Rex now is threatening all the brothers of the Monastery lives. From the Monastery, that Cormack recently stole from. If Cormac doesn't come through with his decision, it will be with disastrous results!

    To go steal a treasure from the abandoned Kinoch Abbey that he doesn't even know exists. Also the problem is it is Lady Jyne’s dower lands that he was not aware of . Also to conceal his true identity he has to wear this hideous helmet to hide his true identity. Plus using an alchemy to blow things up with amazing results!

    Meanwhile he also starts to fall in love with Lady Jayne and she with him, except she does not know who he truly is? Will it add to more complications or a happily ever after ending?My Highland Rebel: Amanda Forester: Bookstore You will have to see how this story concludes!

    Amanda Forester does it again with another fabulous story you won't be able to put down! I absolutely enjoyed this book from start to finish! I absolutely know you will too!

    ***I was given this book through netgalley from the publisher but all words and ideas are my own. I just loved it! I know you will fall in love as I did. Even the secondary characters are wonderful! The plotting, setting and anticipation is all so fabulous! Enjoy this book as I did as it's just wonderful and amazing!