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Good Earls Don't Lie by Michelle Willingham. First in new regency series! TBR 9/27 Five Kilts

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Book: “Earls Don't Lie” by Michelle Willingham
(Earls Next Door) Book #1

Reviewer: Barb

Release Date: 9/27/2016

Heat Rating: Mild

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

First installment of regency historical “Earls Next Door” sries by bestselling magnificent author, Michelle Willingham. Another supreme novel that historical romance readers will love!

It s a difficult time The Great Famine or the Great Hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845-1853 in Ireland. It what the Irish hero in Ms. Willingham book is referring when speaking of the potato famine. Again she brilliantly weaves true historical facts into her fictional romance! This is one of my favorite combinations in reading historical fictionz

Yorkshire, Spring 1846
 Ireland is starving due to the potato famine as many will do anything for food - steal, kill sell their soul. Lord Iain Donovan, Earl of Ashton, the new lord of Ashton since his brother Michael's recent death. He has done all he can for his people, but he really has no choice but to find himself a wealthy bride in another country to save them all.. He won't abandon his people and country as his mother did fleeing to America with his sisters. Most likely to find some rich husbands in New York. His mother despises him as he was the spare heir and most likely doesn't even know of his new title since his brother's passing. He has no idea why his mother hates him so and loved Michael so much!  What he must do now is -,find a wealthy English heiress and marry her. Feeling all his problems will then be resolved as this is the perfect solution. Except while traveling he is stripped of his clothing, letter of introduction to Lady Wolcroft and his signet ring. All would prove his identity  Lady Wolcroft is the one who was invited gim and hoping she would make introductions to him to wealthy heiresses, maybe even  her own granddaughters.  Of course he has no proof now, but he hopes he can prove himself and find the thieves who stole his belongings. As Lady Wolcrofts Daughter, Iris and his mother had been very close friends in boarding school. It is their he meets Lady Rose Thornton,  granddaughter of Lady Wolcroft , and daughter of his mother's school friend Iris.

When Iain meets the heroine of the story who had a recent illness and no longer hasthe ability to walk. Plus her mother Iris is having hallucinations since her husband's recently passing. On top of that her sister is secretly married and hasn't shared that with anyone. So this couple definitely there issues and conflicts right from the start.  plus

In addition no one will  believe this half naked man down on his luck until  he shows some heroics and favoritism toward Rose and her family. Rose is observant too and besides his handsome and Irish brogue looks sees how he carries himself.  Plus his reaction when other people try to give him orders in a very non servant way!  So Rose figures he is a very good liar or telling the truth. Which one will she decide? Plus Iains servants deserted him and Roses Grandmother Lady Wolcroft inviting him is out of town!

Rose struggles every day with her handicapp determined to walk again as Physicians and most don't believe she ever will.  In addition both sister hide their mother on this country estate for fear she would be locked up and put in a insane asylum.The type that are cruel and encourage ice baths and shock therapy as there was no compassion in this time for the mentally ill, disturbed, confused or depressed.  On top Rose is missing brother who went to India a couple years ago!

So will Iain ever be able to capture and attract a wealthy bride and be able to prove his true  identity. Is he just a fortune hunter or something more? Will Rose ever be able to walk again? As true love wouldn't care if she can walk or not. Will Iain? Both h/h have their issues, conflicts  and problems. Will they ever be resolved and will that thing called love enter the picture? You will have to read and find out and see if hearts confidence and self esteem will be mended or shattered!

Another Michelle Willingham dazzler that romance readers don't want to miss! Another spectacular tale plus a swoon worthy sexy Irishman that will leave readers breathless!

I was given the ARC by the publisher for an honest review through netgalley.com

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