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Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue by Terri Brisbin. Comes out 10/1/2016 5 Kilts! Fabulous Read!

Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue by Terri Brisbin
“A Highland Feuding” series,  Book #3
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook ( Tartan Book Reviews)
Release Date: 10/01/2016
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 5/5 Star

I have been reading Terri Brisbin novels for a couple decades and she never ceases to amaze me. As here she goes again in another magnificent novel readers won't be able to put down! This is the second Brisbin book in a row that made me cry! That says a lot if I am getting that emotional from the story and feel that much of a connection. If you are a lover of Highlanders and Scotland it's a must read for you. You can read this books as a stand alone book too. Just a bit more character connections and more fun to read in series order - in my opinion. 

In this book and if following the series you will have met the heroine, Fia Mackintosh as a child and young girl in the first two previous “A Highland Feuding” books. Now she has her own book and what a spectacular book it is! 

Fia Mackintosh lady's maid to Arabella who is wife of Chattan federation chief, Brodie Mackintosh. Fia wishes someone would kidnap and sweep her off her feet too. Just like Both Chief Brodie and Rob Mackintosh, did with their wives. Fia  finding it so extremely romantic and wishes this would be her future too. Well as they say be careful for what you wish for…..

The hero of this story Niall Corbett, who is the King’s Spy. Also, because of a past misdeed his family has lost their titles, property and homes which he is trying desperately to get back. His family is forced to make choices they normally wouldn't make or accept. Niall hasn't seen his family in years.  The King is suspicious of these attack on MacKintosh lands. He suspects it is an outside force trying to start a clan war between clans Mackintosh and Cameron again. Especially since there has been peace for the past six years.  So he has Niall spy for him in the disguise of an outlaw.  So Niall can find out who is giving the orders behind these attacks. Then and only then would the King give back all that has been taken away from Niall and his family.

Now Niall is running with a gang of outlaws that would do anything for a piece of gold. In addition they are burning crops, killing livestock and recently even murder. Yet trying to make it look as if it were done by the Cameron clan.  The ruffians leader Lundie, has not shared a name of the one he takes orders from.  The one issuing orders of these attacks, the one name the King seeks! 

Niall uses the name Iain Dubh and imitated the ruffians uneducated speech, looking dirty unkept,  and wearing the worn dirty clothes they all wear and so on. Now while Brodie and many of his warriors are away - the outlaws are told to attack and pillage the main village close to Brodie's strongholds. Niall spots the most beautiful lass and tries to warn her away before it too late. Then two of the ruffians of the group  saw the wee beauty and want to have a wee bit of fun with the lass. Not in an honorable way in the least so Niall has no choice, but one...

In an attempt to save Fia, Niall now known as Iain Dubh makes her his prisoner! He is also ruining her reputation the longer she remains in their captivity. People will assume the worse whether it happens or not. Sadly it's the way of the world at this time period. Yet the more time Fia and Niall spend in others company the more the attraction builds. Also as they get to know each other Fia starts to realise that this ruffian isn't the same man when alone with her,  as he his with the other outlaws. Which man is he? The outlaw or the educated gentleman? Plus they are hiding in caves that Fia is very familiar with. Will Fia be able to attempt a successful escape? 

Will Brodie and his warriors find her in time? As the longer she remains in their custody the more chances her reputation is in peril, as well as her heart. Will the other outlaws have their wicked way with Fia ot worse? Will Fia find out what this Iain Dubh really is hiding and who he really is?  Choices and decisions will need to be made and no matter what is decided will it involve heartbreak and destruction? You will have read this exquisite novel to find out!

Terri Brisbin, The queen of Scottish historical romance does it again! As she pens another fast paced, non-stop action,  mesmerizing  riveting starcrossed romantic adventure! This book is  filled with enchanting landscapes, breathtaking betrayal, and heartwarming passion. Plus feuding clans, secrets, lies, intrigue, mystery, suspense abduction, love and more. Problems seem to multiply and choices to be made, but what shall they be?

Again another exceptional Terri Brisbin novel the I highly recommend. Tugging at heartstrings, tearing up I simply couldn't put down! Absolutely loved it from start to finish! I can't wait for the next A Highland Feuding novel! 

I was given this ARC from Harlequin publishers through netgalley for an honest review.

A Highland Feuding by Terri Brisbin

1.Stolen by the Highlander
2.The Highlander's Runaway Bride
3.Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue

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